Promoting Your Website and the Importance of Your Blog

Website promotion and search engine optimisation comes in two main forms, on-site and off-site promotion. Getting them both right is a crucial part of any businesses online campaign and the power of a blog is not to be underestimated.

Google uses a number of factors in it’s ranking algorithm as I’m sure most people who have looked into promoting their site online already know. One of these is the number of links pointing to your site and it’s pages and another is the number of pages you have on your site. A blog will help you get both of these important factors mastered in one easy step.

Creating a good blog will help you get more pages and links and we’ll show you how right here in this article.

Let’s take a look at what makes a blog and this will help you understand why a blog on your site is so important. Blogs are basically a collection of posts which in themselves are articles or informative comments and snippets placed by the blog owner. The content of these is important but also the number of posts or articles is equally important.

Google likes large sites with lots of regularly updated pages and content. The internet thrives on content so the more you put on your site and the more pages you create, the more Google will smile upon your site for being a contributor to the internet as a whole.

Now let us look at the articles and content in more detail as this is how we get more links to our site.

The power to place a link on the internet has moved away from the website owners and is now firmly in the hands of the internet user. If you think about how many people have a Facebook and Twitter account today you’ll soon understand how these people can be harnessed to get you more links.

Let’s say we’ve written a fantastic article about something we are passionate about. This one, for example is pretty good I think and by posting it on our blog I hope a few people will read it and share it with their friends. Share it! That’s how link building is done these day and your blog is the main way people will place links to your site. Not via their websites but via Tweeting about it or liking it on their Facebook account. The visitors to your site have the power to click a button on your blog that says “Like this” or “Tweet this” and when they do they create a link to your site. It’s that simple and Google now pays attention to these social links and have confirmed this on their own site!

If you want to take promoting your site to another level you can syndicate your content to sites like EzineArticles who will post your content so others can use it on their sites in exchange for a link back to yours. Another link for you and remember what we said about the internet thriving on content earlier? Everyone with a site is desperate for content so getting good content on your site and out to others is important to everyone.

So if you don’t have a blog yet then go out there and get one as soon as you can and start writing some valuable and interesting content for it. People will come and they will read and share. Before you know it you’ll have 100′s of pages in your blog which will make Google happy and lots of links to your good content which they also love. Blogs are important and cannot be ignored by anyone looking to promote their site.

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